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Get Involved

8x10 Caught In Action


Once in a lifetime

We have a range of experiences to enjoy along with a variety of ways to contribute to WHF:

Ranger For A Day
Big Cat Encounter
Photographic Workshops
Adopt A Cat


Our Projects

10x10 My Tree

Amur Leopards

With only around 30 left in the wild and around 100 left in captivity, the Amur leopard is the rarest big cat on our planet. Even at this critical level, there is still hope. In conjunction John Lewis of Wildlife Vets International we are working on a breeding programme that will ultimately lead to reintroducing Amur leopards into the wild.

Our Vision and Mission


WHF History

10 x10 Only Pallas

From humble beginnings...

Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) was the vision of Peter Sampson and the Sampson family.They established the very successful Paradise Wildlife Park (PWP) in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire; where they have been very successful in breeding big cats including tigers, lions, cheetah, snow leopards and Pallas cats. The aim from the outset was to establish a Conservation Centre of Excellence....

Our History